Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

I have seemingly slowed dow on my posting which isn't a good thing. I have noticed that the last few weeks have been really hectic both at home and at the shop - but that's no excuse. This weekend marked Mothers' Day - a good time to give honor to our Moms, wives and Mom's to be. I never really thought about it much, but looking back in my life, I would have to say that my Mom payed a pretty significant role in my life. For all you Dads out there don't panic your turn will come in a few weeks time! This was just a good time to reflect on what it means to have a Mom who took the time to nurture and establish our lives as we were growing up.

I recall a time when we lived in Holland and life wasn't easy making a new start in a new country, learning the language and adjusting to a whole different culture. Although Mom was dutch, and knew the life she worked with us to help us overcome a number of hurdles. I know both my parents worked long hard and very difficult hours. Dad was on the road by 430am, and got home when I was heading for bed, Mom caught the bus to work daily, and worked equally hard to put food on the table. There was a day I nagged her when she had just arrived home - there was a particular toy that I really wanted. The toy shop was close to her office - my brother and sisters don't know this story - do you know what Mom did? She put on her coat, took me along for the ride and went all the way back to that toy shop and bought the toy for me. She never complained, never argued, never told me how tired she was...willingly she saw my desire for a toy...and went completely out of her wa to fulfill my need. Sometimes, we overlook the goodness of a Mother's heart, what valuable life lessons can be learned along the way that shape us and make us who we are!

It is good to take a moment just to look back and see how awesome our parents have been to us all over the years growing up under their care.

To all you special Mothers out there, we treasure your care, your love and your faithfulness, always we will love you...Thank You and God bless you all...

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Anonymous said...

It is really good to see that even in modern times mothers are still remembered. and I know that Vic did have a wonderful mother God Bless you son.