Thursday, November 13, 2008

Times; they are a changing

I went back over the entire Journal and saw a repetitive speech forming with regard to the lack of posting and updating, and figured I wouldn't even bother mentioning that I have slipped out of contention and broken the one month no post rule!

The idea of being a practically open book and journaling for the world to read, can sometimes be dangerous. I considered the danger long ago, and can safely say that the benefits by far outweigh the risks of posting matters of the heart. The world is such an imperfect place isn't it? Dangerous but strangely beautiful.

Looking back over 2008 how has this year faired for you? The goals that you set at the beginning - have you achieved any of them? Did you have a chance to modify any of them? How many are left for you to achieve? Or did you take the easy route, and simply amble into the start of a new year hoping it would turn out right, and not bring any drama across your path? I know there are people that live their daily lives by appointment setting, and serious time keeping. While that might work for many across a myriad of platforms, I have to be honest and say "been there, done that" and don't think that I was cut out to be a pen pushing schedule maker let alone keeper. I guess my reasoning is based on personal experience and understanding that in my own life I need to be flexible. If something is not achieved today, then perhaps it wasn't meant to happen, and I shouldn't compartmentalize my life only to be faced with disappointment through lack of set goal achievements.

Speaking from a personal point of view and experience, I am learning to put more of my life in the hands of the Lord and let Him be the one to adjust my goals, give me a heart to achieve them and allow me the grace to accept failure when I do not attain the mark. There is always a cloud that surrounds the word failure, but I truly believe there are two ways to fail, and I know I mentioned them in a previous post. I prefer to fail forward. I know that if I have allowed the Lord to set the course for my life then it means that He not only is walking with me, but because He set the course then He has to be in front leading me - hence the fail forward mentality I subscribe to. If I have charted my goals in my own strength, and storms come along and wipe me out, destroying my man made foundation then I simply fail miserably. Think about it, which option would you be more comforted by? Understand that any failure hurts. But knowing which preferred option is better to hold on to will determine how quickly your goals can and will be achieved.

The USA went to the polls last week, and by now the world knows who the 44th President will be in January 2009. The seat that he will occupy, the office that he will hold has been slated to be the most critically difficult office in the entire history not only of the USA but of the world. For some the results were obvious, for others the results were not desirable. But in the larger scope of things how relevant would either outcome be? Simply look at the state of the world, and realize that perhaps some things need to happen, which are largely beyond our control anyway. Check out this scripture;

James 4:3
You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.

For the longest time I wondered the true meaning of this scripture as it pertains to certain requests I personally have made to the Lord. Grasping the intent of its' meaning helped me understand that sometimes what I ask for, doesn't come through, because I really am asking out of my own selfish desires. What if I were to use the small mustard seed of faith, and go to the Lord and lay my requests at His feet, and then pray in this way - "Lord let my motives be pure, let me ask that your will be done in this situation, so that the glory can be returned to you". Easier said than done, but I am certain the results will be wonderful, life-giving and true.

So, looking at the state of the world, and the hints and slights of global recession/depression, and nations facing bankruptcy, should this surprise us? Should we be asking the Lord to fix it? Or....alternatively, should we be saying "Lord these are the signs you warned us about in your word; even so...continue to set your stage and triumphant entry, let Your will be done." Even if it means evil prevails, this should not surprise us. I guess what I am saying with sincerity of heart, is that I am not phased, neither am I surprised regarding any electoral outcome, be it here in the States or across the oceans in Africa or elsewhere. I think what we ought to be doing is seeking the Lord even more fervently, that His will be done, and that the Church across the world rise up, take her stand and not be beat down any longer. I really believe it starts with you and me, knowing who we are in Christ, and collectively holding to the virtues we believe in and boldly sharing them even in the face of persecution and opposition.

Such a comfort knowing the Lord has our best interests at heart!

Ahh, the internet is a wonderful tool, resource and soap box where we can have our say, and be able to disseminate information!