Monday, September 19, 2005

On the lighter side

So, time is definately flying. I can remember when 24 hours used to take that long, now time seems to be in fast forward mode. The months, weeks, days and hours are zooming by at a rate that almost leaves you dizzy!

This Saturday we have been invited to a city event here in Vista. The two Rotary clubs of Vista are hosting a "Grape Expectations" wine tasting event to promote the City as well as generate funds to support charities. We printed the banners, programs and folders for the event and are looking forward to meeting people, and linking up with possible future business partners - no harm in peddling your wares at a function like this is there?

Vicky started her first official job this week, working for a local Smoothie outlet - for those of you who don't know what a smoothie is - it is flavored ice, crushed into a pulp that adds a refreshing edge to your day, as well as a good dose of brain-freeze. As I look at our two kids, I marvel at how much they are growing up, and how fast they are maturing. It seems like only a month ago, I ran home from the Mater Dei Hospital, slipped and fell in the mud, forgot my car at the Hospital, and was found banging on my Mom & Dad's gate to give them the good news of their status of being grandparents again. Now we are standing by watching them both gorw so fast, Tammy in University, Vicky working and doing homeschooling - it is all happening so fast.

On Saturday night I had a lovely phone call from Karin, in Adelaide. Funny how you can forget a lot of things, but the familiar voice of family rings true every single time. At the end of the call it was almost like " say bye first..." Nonetheless it was refreshing to hear her, and to chat with Dave. They seem to be settling pretty well, but all things considered a move to a new country is not easy, let alone to a first world country. I had always said that if we could succeed in Zimbabwe we would succeed anywhere...haha...was I wrong or what!

Today is Kristen's birthday she turned a whole 7. We were sitting having dinner here, and the phone rang, it was Linda (Nancy's sister) calling us so that little moomoo could hear our voice and let us wish her a happy birthday - again, it was great hearing familiar voices from back home. We continue to look forward to the day that we might see all these beloved family again - time will tell I guess...

And so we head into Tuesday, and wonder if there are any surprises around the corner. I will have some news to update the family on later in the week after a few 't's are crossed, so do come back and have a look at the blog.

This has been a roving report from Southern California...come back soon for more interesting updates...