Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh the Grace

On Wednesday July 30, 2008 I posted an entry that touched many lives across the globe.

As an online blogger who shares events and stories across a myriad of platforms that touch my life and in turn hopefully touch yours too - it is my responsibility to be aware of stories and issues that either change or continue to develop and shape the way information is disseminated whether the content be good or bad.

For the most part it is my intention to share in honesty and to keep my entries as accurate as possible so as not to distort the truth in any shape or form, knowing that the consequences of doing so would compromise truth, honesty and integrity. That being said I know for sure I fall short of the mark that I am called to attain, but in knowing that truth, I do not relent, I do not give up, and I will continue to share for as long as this technology and ability to do so exists.

Mike Guglielmucci is a Pastor, composer and musician. In 2006 he made a public announcement that he had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and that he was receiving treatment for his diagnosis. His story touched my heart personally because my father was diagnosed around the same time, and we watched him go through changes that altered his life tremendously finally culminating in his passing and going to be with the Lord last year in the month of May. I came across Mike Guglielmucci's youtube announcement and statement in front of the Church in Australia, which was followed by an amazingly anointed worship song titled "Healer".

Recently stories have been running across information platforms announcing that Mike Guglielmucci's diagnosis was in fact not cancer, and that whilst he was sick no diagnosis was ever confirmed and he in fact does not have cancer. He has however, gone public with a confession as to why he said he was diagnosed with cancer. Many people have become enraged by his public confession, because during this time frame Mike Guglielmucci was receiving royalties from the music, and people were sending donations for the cause. His public confession can be viewed by clicking this link: Michael Guglielmucci Video Confession.

I continue to believe that despite this brother's confession, the music is anointed and has its' place in touching the lives of those who are seeking the Lord in their own moments of distress. What is the viewpoint of the Church? I don't know. I can't answer that. What I can say is that turning to the Gospel will always answer the questions that man fails to address. I could think of a number of scriptures to apply when a brother or sister is either found out or confesses sin in seeking repentance, but I think what becomes of greater importance is not in hearing the details, but in examining our own hearts as to how we respond in such situations, knowing that since we belong to Christ we have His mind. The old cliche applies ~ "What would the Lord do?".

Galatians 6:1
Brothers and sisters, if a person gets trapped by wrongdoing, those of you who are spiritual should help that person turn away from doing wrong. Do it in a gentle way. At the same time watch yourself so that you also are not tempted.

This to me sums up what the Church should do when such a circumstance comes to light. So, for me personally, my heart is not changed toward my brother in Christ. Because it now becomes my responsibility to pray for him, to restore him lest I myself be tempted. That simple!