Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Ok so I have been quiet for a couple of weeks. So now is a good a time as any to catch up and let you know what has been happening lately. The best news is that Dad is doing very well. He had a blood transfusion last week because his bloodcount was low, and that has rejuvinated him on top of the world again - great news!

As Easter approached it was time to head out of town for the weekend, so the mountains and dessert seemed attractive and the right thing to do. The drive out was good, opting to use no major highway or freeway but to experiment and follow the unconventional routes of the outback. I was thinking traffic would be a nightmare but oddly enough it was pretty good. This time of the year schools are out for "Spring Break" so my guess is everyone headed for the beach due to the magnificent weather we have been experiencing lately.

Being out in the hi-dessert was relaxing and peaceful. No traffic; no noise; no tv; no phones; no people for miles; no distractions....the list is endless. The weather was really good, apart from Friday crossing over the mountains into the dessert was pretty interesting, I should have been alert and grabbed a few pics but I didn't...right on the crest over into the dessert the weather changed and the wind picked up to a pretty scary level. At one point the vehicle was almost difficult to control. I took a bunch of photos and tried to exclude people from the shots to give you the sense of peace and relaxation and beauty that can be experienced just a few hours from madness in the city! The first pic is just after the sun went down, and above the dessert there were a bunch of military fighterplanes doing manouvres high in the sky. The after burn effects through the distant sun was spectacular. The other pics are pretty self explanatory.

Ahh before I forget, I just want to give a big congratulations to our dear friends in Perth, Australia, the Bingham Family - on receiving citizenship downunder - and to Debbie who this week arrived safely in New Zealand to start a new chapter in her life - congrats to you all....