Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Thoughts

Hey everyone - I know this is by far the longest I have been taking to post anything to my blog. I am really glad however that the traffic is constant and people still come back and see what is new. You would think that would be enough motivation to keep it going...mmm! Well, Monday is 'Memorial Day', and it is a special day here in the States. At Church today one of the brothers who is a Major in the Marine Corps honored fallen heroes and it suddenly dawned on me that the freedom this nation enjoys is largely due to the ideals and convictions of this great nation, and the young men and women who go and do the work of keeping those ideals in place. A new documentary that has started on tv here is a real crew over in Iraq filming the medical side of the war "Baghdad-ER" this touched our hearts deeply as we watched in total helplessness the casualties being brought in and the events that unfold. Such a moving Documentary - we truly salute all the courageous Military Forces for their valiant courage while on their tour in Iraq. A Real Estate agent did something really wonderful - they bought little American flags and went through our entire neighborhood and pegged the flags in all our driveways - how patriotic is that! Nevermind the cost - the thought is huge...thank you for that! Well, I have had my turn on the soapbox, let me just say that sometimes it is good to slow down, look a little higher, and totally appreciate the bigger picture. True FREEDOM is beautiful and should not be treated lightly, it comes at a price that no man can pay except by laying down his life...


Anonymous said...

I read your blogs daily.and I really enjoy them. and I am very proud of the work that you are doing. and that is keeping us informed as to what is really going on in the world .

SkyePuppy said...


I'm the blogger who stopped by to chat Friday. Today I posted a combination of my impressions of our conversation and the latest news I saw from Zimbabwe. I hope I didn't misrepresent anything you or your wife said.

I really enjoyed talking with the two of you. It's not too often that bloggers get to talk to each other in person.

Brenda (SkyePuppy)