Saturday, May 06, 2006

Geek Alert

Did you hear just the other day that the richest man in the world is Bill Gates. Yip - you guessed it. He has a net worth of over 50 Billion Dollars. How does one man acquire such wealth? He has however indicated that before he dies he will give it all away to causes such as teh fight against AIDS-hiv, malnutrition and variou other foundations. Pretty noble....time will tell -

So back to the Geek Alert; you know when you buy a computer nowadays, you plug it all in and start playing right away, the machine is factory setup to run with minimal setup issues. After asking a few questions and experimenting, I have figured out a trick to free up resources. I won't get too detailed in this post, but if you check on your system resources you will be able to work out that close on 66% of system resources are running and being used ALL THE TIME. This is normally pre-installed "gunk" that really serves no purpose other than to have sponsors and advertisers pay for the manufacture of the unit in the first place. Well, the trick is to head on into the deep and dreary depths of the operating system, make a few changes, and presto - resources are freed from your systems' operating ram, and you increase the speed of the system without having to make drastic costly changes.

Geek Alert #2 is this; if you find that Explorer trips you up every now and then, may I give you a suggestion to give Mozilla a try? You will be pleasantly surprisedat the speed of this free browser, and furthermore the layout and preferences tab allow yu to custom build your broswer so that it runs and performs the way you want it to, not like the very generic Explorer. Mozilla has a wealth of tricks in there - the ability to disable cookies for one, build your browser to run the way you want it to, view complex sites and graphics in a fraction of the time Explorer does...all I can say is give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised...

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