Thursday, October 25, 2007


Here are two important items of information to track the Fire situation live. One is the Google Map that is being updated as events occur. The other is a link to our local news channel that is covering all situations across the region as the news becomes available. This is an interactive map, by clicking on any of the icons you will receive updated information.

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President Bush touched down at Miramar Air Base a few moments ago, and will be touring the area during the course of today. This has officially been called a disaster area.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

San Diego Wild Fire Update

Hard to explain what is going on here right now. this is like a scene out of a movie, with spectacular effects. More than 500 000 people have been evacuated. Over 2000 homes and businesses have been totally destroyed. The Santa Ana winds have eased, there is now an onshore wind that is good and bad, good in the sense that the fires are not traveling west at this time, bad in the sense that the fire is now unpredictable in terms of direction. Since Sunday we have not seen the blue sky, the air is toxic and dumping ash 24/7.

We are staying home, are ready to leave at a moments notice, and are following the news constantly. I salute the State and Federal Agencies that are and have done a spectacular job with their commitment to fighting this disaster and for the highest possible professionalism that is being used around the clock to keep residents informed, safe and out of harms way.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monster Fire - California Ablaze

In 2003 there were some pretty devastating fires that wiped out 100's of homes in San Diego county - what caused it? A hunter who became lost from his party tried to get their attention by starting a small fire.

Fast forward 2007 - within three days of the anniversary of that bad fire that cost the State of California a few billion dollars - and here we are once again with an unfolding tragedy taking place.

It started out yesterday, when we heard there was a small fire in Ramona which is quite a ways up the road from us toward the desert. Next thing we know - door bell is going constantly, and someone banging on our door at 2:30am this morning! Our Neighbor - alerting us that the fire has become a monster and is heading our way. We woke up, turned to the local news channel, and started to follow this impending disaster taking place. At 4:30am we received our "reverse 911" phone call urging us to pack, get ready for evacuation and sit tight waiting for the Authorities to give the word to get out.

It is now 11:00am - the sun is completely hidden by the thick smoke and the fire is 0% contained due to high Santa Anna winds that typically come howling towards the coast off the desert. This wind is strong - 50 miles an hour constant gusts, usually dies down at sunset but this time it has been unrelenting, howling through the night adding fuel to the fire.

We took a drive to the office, and couldn't believe the difference in temperature and visibility. Clear blue skies, not a breeze at all, very strange.

Being back at home now, we have been informed that if it becomes necessary the authorities are going to turn off the gas and electric for safety issues. Added to that we have been asked to stay off cell phones to leave as much of the airwaves free and open for the crew that are battling this monster. Sadly, the aircraft that do the drops are unable to take off due to these raging winds, and poor visibility. Crews and resources are being flown in from neighboring States, and by tomorrow will have more than 15 helicopters in the air doing drops, as well as fixed wing - if the wind stops.

We live in San Marcos, so you will see one of the visuals of the area below that will give you some idea as to location and spread of the fire. The current wind direction is westerly which is in our path. So...we are sitting tight, waiting for the evacuation orders to come from the authorities. The news is grim, many homes have been leveled - the stats are going to be high...

Here are some images I have taken today starting with early morning to current (11:00am)