Thursday, September 01, 2005

Want to comment?

The internet is a huge place - who would think that creating blogs could be a pretty lonely place? I am looking at the counter on this blog, and it is going up, that tells me people do stop by and read every once in a while for which I am grateful. What would be a real kick is if a comment could be posted to share some views on the topic. One thing I am guessing is that maybe a lot of folks out there would like to comment but don't know how, so I am going to give it to you in point form and see who has the courage and time to follow the directions below and leave a comment.
  • 1. Click the "Comments" link that appears at the bottom of each blog submission, on the right side.
  • 2. When the next window opens, on the right of your screen, you will see a heading "leave your comment" and under it a small window with the cursor beating. Click with your mouse in that window, and begin typing your comment.
  • 3. When you are done, look below your comment, there are three indentities to choose from. If you are not a registered blogger, then you click for the middle option which is "other".
  • 4. Once you have clicked "other" enter your name in the yellow field, and then look a little lower for the blue box that says "publish your comment" click that and your comment will appear on the blog.
What did we do before internet people? Amazing how this mass of wires, chips, cables and plastic connects us with a trillion other "items" of interest "online". It is almost comparable to cellphones - what was the world before we had them? Ok I am sort of getting of course here, so let me publish this post, and see who has the courage to step out and leave a comment, this is going to be interesting.
  • A small hint, if you feel you are not succeeding the last thing you must not do is get flustered. Once the mind is flustered it misses the most glaringly obvious instruction and then frustration mounts and you give up. Also known as a "brain fart". Just relax, read the 4 steps above, and you will be good to go.
Our hearts still go out to those who are having a really hard time in Mississippi thanks to Hurricane Katrina. All newsclips on tv resemble scenes from movies depicting mayhem, chaos, frustration, death and sadness. May help sincerely arrive soon, and may those in need and at a loss be comforted.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

‘this is our tsunami’

NEW ORLEANS: Rescuers battled a humanitarian disaster on Tuesday after storm surges whipped up by Hurricane Katrina killed dozens and a canal breach sent a new deluge into already swamped New Orleans.

At least 80 people were feared dead along the coast of the southern state of Mississippi, where glitzy casinos, plush homes and shrimp fishing businesses lay in ruins, after a storm surge up to 30 feet high crashed ashore on Monday.

This is part of the news coming out of Mississippi tonight. This hurricane aptly named 'katrina' unleashed a storm that will go down on record in history as being one of the most costly natural disasters in American history - figures in the region of 25 billion dollars are speculated. The horrible thing is that people watched the news and those who headed the call to evacuate were able to out run the storm, some bravehearts bolted down and locked in only to pay the ultimate price. The pictures we are seeing on the news are somewhat similar to the devastation of the tsunami from December 2004.

I am watching the news with sadness because when a situation such as this becomes so wreckless toward anything in its' path there is nothing you can do, apart from watch from a distance and hope that people make it out alive. The sad thing is that New Oreleans is considered to be below sea level, and is often referred to as the bowl. So, what happens now...the Governor has indicated that it may take upto two years to rebuild the destruction, but he has stated that whatever will be replaced will be bigger, better and stronger than anything the State has ever had.

I can only pray that people from all over will come together and be unified in their resolve to rebuild what has been destroyed, and to head future warnings when these terrible storms develop into hurricanes that unleash turmoil as they make landfall. This isn't such a happy submission, for me, my heart goes out to the people that have been so terribly affected by hurricane Katrina, may the Lord give you strength and comfort you all during this difficult period.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

City Fair fun...

Today was the San Marcos Street Fair. The city blocks off a couple of streets once a year and local business gets a chance to peddle their goods and enhance their livelihood. From Mom & Pop goodies made at home in the garage to ordering cable TV this is the place to hook up some rather funky deals. It is a good time to barter for business and make great contacts. After Church we went along to support Tammy and her Boss. Great thing is we got to do the banners for him and the Doctor next to them.
Apart from the sweltering heat it was a great day out. Along one of the streets we came across a rock band that was playing songs from way back, and I took a moment to stop and listen to the local talent. They belted out some pretty jazzy songs, and I was impressed. Some people in the crowd were overwhelmed from memories from yesteryear and plucked up the courage to set aside all inabitions and dance along - what a sight! Who would have thought that a bunch of old guys can still bring good old fashioned music to the board for all to enjoy. I noticed even some of the kids in their hippy outfits were standing in the crowd tapping their feet...ha!
Next to the music stand we came across a row of classic cars, well talk about men and their toys! The beauty is that if you can get your hands on an old scrap heap, you can buy original custom parts and restore your junkyard aquisition back to a classic collectors item. The love and passion and dedication that classic vehicle restorers display is just mindblowing. Here is a beauty completely restored with matching camping gear and flag - a prize winner.
Wafting through the air was the pugnant aroma of beef broiling on coal. Following the scent and crowd we came across an ox wagon BBQ (YES...BRAAI!!) with more beef on it than I thought possible. Nancy and I ordered a genuine ox wagon hunters steak sandwich. What a treat, succulent beef, with traditional baked beans, potato salad and bread rolls. Problem is after such a lekker lunch, all that was missing was a shady spot to take an afternoon nap. With temperatures reaching record highs, we managed to walk the entire street fair, and then crank the car airconditioner to maximum while we drove home. All in when a streetfair comes to town, the entertainment is great, and funfilled. What is even more interesting is everyone's favorite past time of people watching - come on we all do it.
Last but not least I had to post this picture of Tammy with her boss - Dr. Doche, his wife and Mariann. Please note my little bit of free advertising - the banners in the background are the handywork of Artistic Printing. Talk about diversifying - from business cards all the way through banners and signs, not forgetting website development...we can customize your image to suit your needs!
So you want to know what we did on Sunday this pretty much summarizes our day; Dropped Tammy at street fair to setup, went to Church, went to Fair, came home and cost for wonderful day of value packed entertainment > $6.00 for lunch...not a bad deal.

World Fact Book

Pretty weird folks, it is Sunday morning just after 6:00am, and of all the times to be asleep, I find myself sitting here pondering political issues at the crack of dawn. What a fruit cake. During the week the story is that it is literally impossible to wake up, now when there is an opportunity to sleep, what do I do...wake before the chickens!
Here is a link that will answer most of your questions about Zimbabwe or any other country. This site is updated regularly and therefore makes the information current. I marvel at some of the information that is contained in the link because it makes you gain an understanding at how nations operate, and why they do the things they do. Check it out when you have a free moment by clicking this link.


My guess is that a decent number of people out there are aware of the dilemma in Zimbabwe. The elections are over, and the outcome was expected to go the way it did. The ruling party once again remains at the helm of certain destruction. Following the results more and more families have made that decision to seek a secure life elsewhere, as the fight to stay becomes harder and harder. Seeing the migration of the minority that includes Whites, Asians and others, the government has shifted its attack to its own people. Why? The opposition political party MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) won all the city stronghold during the elections - where is the strength of Zimbabwe? - Her cities! So, the ruling party decided to go on a trail of rampant destruction under the guise of cleaning the cities and outskirts areas of shanty town like structures, home based shops and business etc. The UN made a startling revelation in this so-called clean up operation "The UN said the police purge had made at least 700 000 homeless and jobless".Was this a genuine plot to clean up the cities or a determined action by the ruling party to punish the people for voting for the MDC? This resembles a softer approach toward ethnic cleansing.
On September 9th the IMF will meet to decide the fate of Zimbabwe. A debt of US$295 million is outstanding, and along comes South Africa with a possible bail out plan to the tune of US$500 million, not only to pay off the debt but to secure much needed fuel and food. If South Africa does not help Zimbabwe, the fear is that the problem will escalate and spill over into neighboring regions. Also, if Zimbabwe is expelled from the IMF this will mean imminent collapse. If a loan is provision for Zimbabwe, how will it be paid back, and at what cost?
Going out on a limb I would hesitate for any assistance at this point. Reason being that continued help and support for a ruling party that is bent on self destruction and crushing of its people should not be assisted in furthering that process of demise. The only form of help that Zimbabwe can search out is that of her own people seeing the need to bring about a change. That is where the answer lies, but will it ever be seen?
Should South Africa bail out Zimbabwe or not? You decide...