Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Irony of it all...

I am just flabbergasted at the state of affairs in Zimbabwe. The IMF issued a reprieve to Zimbabwe for six months halting their expulsion from the IMF. I think it is sad that no sterner messures have been taken, especially since the nation has been in arrears since 2001. Indeed the expulsion would mean among other issues, that no further money would be granted to Zimbabwe for development etc.

Barely a day after winning the reprieve, a government delegation arrived in Cuba and criticized the IMF for its' policies. A true display of ungratefulness if you ask me! What is overwhelmingly sad and alarming is that inflation is climbing upwards of 255 percent inflation and unemployment is balancing out on 80 percent. Recently the cities and MDC strongholds have been targeted in a form of Ethnic Cleansing to rid the cities of so-called filth and shanty town appearances. This is just a dig at MDC strongholds that won the major centers in the election. What is really sad is that the nation has less than three weeks of food reserves and the situation continues to deteriorate.

It is heartbreaking to follow the news and see how such a wonderfully prosperous breadbasket nation has been reduced to nothing. Our hearts continue to go out to those who have no alternative but to stay: for the elderly, the orphans and disabled, and for the people at large who are humble, hardworking and defenseless, may God bless and comfort and continue to provide so graciously for a people that are ruled by fear and tyranny.

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