Monday, September 12, 2005

Day of Sadness

This has been a real blue Monday. Later in the afternoon, I started feeling really agitated for no apparent reason. We got home from work, had dinner, the last of our sadza, and then proceeded to fire up my pc to check mail and news and bits and pieces. In my inbox was an email from my Aunt Judith in South Africa. Sadly the email was bearing bad news - my Gramps and Dad's Dad - passed away a few short hours ago. He will be sadly missed, but the good news is that his journey is over, and he is resting now with the Lord - what a fantastic ending to a full life by a man who made little fuss and very few requests...Gramps we will miss you old timer...Go and be happy in Eternity until we meet again...our deepst love and support and blessing to Dad, Judith, Walter and all our family at this sad time...Vic, Nancy, Tam & Vicky

Dear Famly and Friends,

We wish to let you all know that our Dad, Gramps and Grampsie passed away at about 2.a.m. of the 13th September 2005. We had taken him to the Crompton Hospital on Saturday where he was diagnosed with a bad bout of pneumonia, of course he was strong all the way and when we left the hospital last night he had squeezed each hand placed in his and made the remark "There's still life in the old man ! "

We will be making funeral arrangements later on today. Of course he would have loved to have been buried close to his loved and eternal companion in Bulawayo, but circumstances don't permit for that wish to be granted.

We are so glad that he was with us for the past few months. Thanks to all those dear folk who helped so much in Bulawayo.............Jack and Delvine and Dave and Eth especially.

Love to all

Robin and Judith.


billy said...

Gramps, your journey has ended - go well and be reunited with Gran..............

Dad Your son in Holland said...

I will miss you, but your journey has ended, but for you now it is peace and rest and no more suffering, you have gone home to be with the rest of the family, and now safe in the arms of our Father in Heaven. Thanks for beig such a wonderful father.