Friday, September 09, 2005

Call to Prayer

The weekend is once again here - time seems to be flying lately, or is it just me? The end of the week arrived today and so did an email from my sister, Michelle. I was really glad to get an email finally, but the contents were not what I was expecting. She has struggled with her health and for a long time has not known what is going on. After a check up and tests this is what was discovered:

"I have just come back from my scan and you will all be pleased to know that I dont have an aneurysm, however I do have a problem and have to have key hole surgery, an angioblast. At long last I have finally found out whats wrong with my walking and its not been just in my head and I am not going mad. As soon as I have had the surgery I will regain the full use of both my legs again and I will be able to walk again. I must say I have been through hell and am really glad that I did go for the scan and I strongly urge all of you to please get checked out. I will have to stop smoking because the risk of this happening again is very big, so Please pray for me to have the strength to quit smoking..."

So, as soon as I heard this, I had no option but to submit this post, and ask you to take a moment to pray for Michelle, that as she undergoes this surgical proceedure everything will go well and be successful, and also that her recovery will be swift, and that her health will return to normal. I will be submitting more posts over the weekend, but just wanted to get this out there for you all to say a prayer...thank you humbly!

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Dad said...

I thank Vic for putting this situation of Michelle on his journal, anda request for a prayer, well as she is my youngest daughter I bring her problems in front of theLord and I pray that He sets into motion a speedy recovery, and I ask Him for a Healing and already I have thanked Him for this. To me all my children are very special and they have been given to me as a gift, and I treasure the welbeing of all of them.