Monday, May 19, 2008

Winds of Change

2008 has thus far been interesting. I haven't written here for almost a month, so I figured today would be a good day to set aside some time to catch up on a few of the more interesting items that caught my attention since the last post.

I am constantly amazed that by sitting in front of my computer, rambling about things that interest me, and sharing it across a platform of plastic, cables and cyberlinks many lives get to read about what would normally be considered a private journal. Nonetheless, I am really encouraged by the feedback I receive, and am amazed that we are nearing the 11000 visitor mark! So, if that many people visit the Jubber Journal, surely that means that within the realm of cyberspace this presents a platform to disseminate information. The question is what kind of information would be constructively useful if someone came upon my Journal? Well, I focus a lot on a few topics that interest and grip my life consistently. The Lord, life in general, and the plight of the people of Zimbabwe...

Ok, let's look at what has happened since the last post in the areas of interest above. Zimbabwe continues to spiral out of control. The arms cache that was purchased by the Government, met with a large international outcry against docking the ship in port and making delivery of ammunition and weapons. The Chinese ship turned off it's transponder, and managed to evade radar detection for almost three weeks, and then even after the Chinese government made a statement to the effect that due to the attention surrounding the political mess in Zimbabwe, and regional unwillingness to handle the shipment, the cargo would return to China. Sources in Harare have now confirmed the ship was allowed to refuel in South Africa, and the cargo has since arrived in the capital. The violence nationwide in MDC strongholds as well as Zanu PF zones has been increasing at an alarming level, deaths are being reported across the country, and Hospitals have been instructed not to treat any MDC loyalists who seek treatment following rampant Zanu PF beatings and torture ahead of the run-off vote tabled for June 27. A run-off election that really should have never happened. Mugabe himself has admitted his party was dealt a defying blow of defeat by the MDC as people voted for change in March. No official results were ever published yet the government pushed forward for a would take a fool to see the logic behind such a scheme that has hood winked the nation and people of Zimbabwe. Morgan Tsvangirai has been unable to return to Zimbabwe following confirmed assassination plans on his life by the military and police mechanisms who are sworn into office by the oath "to protect and serve". Inflation is in excess of 185000%, mortality continues to drop, now averaging 33 years, AIDS/HIV continues to ravage across the nation with death tolls, keeping up with these figures is daunting in that the reality is horrific. Unemployment is at 85%...the woes and tales go on and on for Zimbabwe, and still it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It seems each time I post on the events they appear worse. But in the light of the reality there is a base and force that has not been recognized until now. The Church across Zimbabwe has begun stirring the hearts of people. Where no hope exists the Church is bringing hope, shelter, comfort, and peace. People across the nation are calling on the Lord like never before, there is a unity that is being solidified through every trial, the Church is rising up, through prayer and intercession, and lives are being transformed daily. On the one hand it is incredibly sad to see the people suffer, but on the other, I am dumbstruck at the commitment of the people to seek the Lord and to seize each day as a new opportunity. Many a lesson can be learned through these people. I urge people everywhere to set aside a simple 30 seconds each day to pray for resolution in Zimbabwe, for peace, for stability and for the Lord to reveal Himself more and more through the fiery trials the nation is experiencing. I think that unless you are on the ground, it really is difficult to pen the words of what is really being experienced, but coming from that background I know this is an incredibly difficult time for Zimbabwe.

Here in the States, life has been interesting. Just last week a Federal Judge repealed a law banning gay marriage, thus allowing same sex marriages to take place. Only one other State allows this. Right has become wrong, and wrong has become right. I really don't want to digress too much into this, but suffice to say that it is becoming evident that the end is in sight. I look at a number of other issues that seem to point in that direction, for example illegal immigration. I know all about wanting a better life, and desiring change, but there is a right way to do it. Having walked through the process legally, it is disconcerting to see illegal immigrants draining facilities that legitimate immigrants are denied of. I could sight numerous instances but won't go there. Healthcare - need I say more. You go to the doctor, they find something that needs treatment, suddenly your insurance provider decides this condition that has been diagnosed is actually a "pre-existing" condition and so deny all claims, forcing families into financial ruin and untold hardship. This does not make sense to me at all...

As far as tragedies go, the month of May has been abysmal. Myanmar has been devastated by weather conditions that literally destroyed land areas as in the Tsunami, as well as untold loss of lives. Then last week China rocked the scale with a massive earthquake leading to huge losses especially with children trapped in substandard buildings, while government buildings stood through the entire event.

I look at all of this and don't get it. Why is the world filled with such injustice and heartbreak lined with wickedness? Very hard to decipher what is going on but for sure all these events signal the times we are living in. I am convinced the earth is groaning, and getting set for the return of Christ. Much of this mayhem cannot continue at the rate it is unfolding for too much longer.

The big question is are we ready? Are you ready? Have you given any of this thought as to what happens after all is said and done? It pays sometimes to look at what we perceive as the future, could it be that we have a purpose and plan to live out, and need to find what it is in order to complete the task we are called to? I think so!

One thing that has become a reality to me and my family is that no matter what you go through in life, no matter the hardships that may come our way, if you love the Lord, you are in a good place regardless, and nothing catches Him by surprise concerning your life. My Dad had a saying whenever things seemed unfair, or impossible, or crazy - "it will all come out in the wash". Pretty much where we all are at some point in life don't you think?

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regarding the issue of zimbabwe i never thought since i heard about it that5 a person can promise new things if which he fail for a long time to do when he was on power. let mugabe go for international court of justice, he is the lier, in our fellow brothers and sisters we are with u, pls do change in your country let him go, he didnt deserve it