Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pray for Zimbabweans

It is no secret what has been going on in South Central Africa in the nation of Zimbabwe. The year is 2008, the nation held elections on March 29, and today is April 27 without an official result. Mugabe and his cronies demanded a recount on a result that was cast by the people, but never announced to the people. What do you make of that? I stress 2008 because in this day and age how can an entire nation cast their vote within a space of 12 hours alloted for the process, and the results take almost to the day 672 hours to announce? Google any news feed on the situation in Zimbabwe and you will be horrified to read what is going on back there. This matter pains me deep in my heart, and will not do any justice to highlight any of the events taking place, because for the majority of the world, having not lived there, it will just make for a good story. to me and my family it goes deeper than that. It is a personal matter that pains us as we read how children are suffering. Never knowing what a vaguely normal childhood consists of, because they are tending to their siblings either dying from AIDS/HIV or related illness or malnutrition, or have been orphaned by the same. Some of these realities are too dreadful to even mention, because they trigger emotions deep within the very essence of my being.

I could rattle off a host of articles, stories and events that have been taking place literally daily in Zimbabwe, but I wonder what purpose it will serve to do so.

Of greater importance is calling on all believers globally who stumble upon this blog and journal entry to set aside as little as 30 seconds to offer a prayer up to the Lord to intervene by His mercy and have grace on the people of Zimbabwe in their dire moment of need. The crisis is real, the situation is horrific, the events unfolding are frightening...could I urge you to pray today for those children who have no hope, for those mothers who have no means to feed their children, for fathers who are being beaten by police and army, who took an oath to "protect and serve" the people of Zimbabwe? Would you consider asking the Lord to reach down and stop this mayhem, to bring a peaceful solution to a situation grossly out of control?

It is absolutely clear that Mugabe and Zanu PF at large overwhelmingly lost this general election, hence the delays. Their tactic is to use violence and brute force to beat the innocent people of Zimbabwe into "their" submission to solidify their 28 year iron fist rule. MDC can offer Zimbabwe hope, a chance to rebuild what has been ruined by Mugabe and his henchmen. We can't all go and fight, neither can we respond and retaliate with violence, but we can unite in force and ask the Lord to intervene...

Please - all I ask is 30 seconds of your time to pray for the situation to miraculously be upheld by the Lord to bring freedom to the nation of Zimbabwe, and to stop this wickedly evil chain of events that continues to spiral out of control.

Simply Google Zimbabwe and you will be enlightened, I could go on and on, but that is simply duplicating what is already out there...

Thank you for taking a moment to read this and to PRAY for 30 seconds for innocent lives to be spared in Zimbabwe...

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