Friday, August 24, 2007

It's a Beautiful thing

I have totally been slack with my posting on here lately. I seem to always come up with an excuse and yet each day is filled with events that are worth sharing. How do you limit what you share and with whom?

One thing for sure is that since returning from Holland in May, life hasn't been the same. Actually more to the point this year, the year of jubilation, 2007 hasn't really gone according to plan. The 64 thousand dollar question is who's plan is being followed? Mine or the Lord? If it is my plan then I can understand why it has been tough, if it is the Lord's plan then how do I determine that and walk it through? Thought provoking isn't it...

This is such a resourceful place to vent, you would be surprised when honesty is employed how many people will identify with truthful statements that occur in daily life. Sadly most people are a closed book, under lock and key.

This Sunday Nancy's sister leaves for Johannesburg, South Africa with her baby son Joshua, and his Granny. Reason for the trip? This little gift from the Lord was born with a cleft palate and is scheduled for corrective surgery over the next three weeks. We know that this is a milestone for this little chap, but he is such a bundle of joy, and loves life to the fullest. Of course his big sister Kristen won't be going with sadly, because of school commitments, but she understands and is excited for their return.

Even in a nation of extreme hardship, where the rich and the poor meet together on the same level for survival, and inflation is currently hovering around 7200% (hard to imagine...) those with the will to survive make do with each challenge as it surfaces. The shortages are inhuman. Antiretroviral drugs used in the treatment of AIDS/hiv are in short supply and medical imposters are selling scammed drugs for profit - how sad is that? What level will a person go to in order to profit off the misery and sickness of the parentless? When will this madness end one wonders? Yet the fat cats continue to prosper and do exceedingly well making multi million dollar deals for selfish profit.

There is a nucleus, a remnant that remains focussed, dedicated and faithful to the needs of mankind in Zimbabwe - the Church. Despite the difficulties, the Gospel is being preached, lives are being transformed and people are finding hope where none exists by turning to the Lord. It is amazing that when there is no gas, no electricity, no basic staple food, unsafe drinking water, sickness and disease, people still find peace and comfort in their service and commitment to the Lord. Reminds me of Paul who said he learned to be content in whatever circumstance he found himself in. He knew what it was to have much, but was content in having nothing. This New Testament passage of scripture is being lived daily by those who belong to the Lord in a nation that is being punished unfairly for a season.

Recently, we established contact with a good brother and friend back home. He pastors the church I came to know the Lord in way back in 1980! They have stepped up their campaign to spread the gospel by going electronic - yes - a website! We chatted about helping out and are blessed to be able to host the site on our server. There are a few technical difficulties we are working through to make it happen so it will share a dual URL for the times when there are issues in that neck of the woods. To visit Revival Center Ministries website your options are below in order of preference:


When you get a moment check the site out, it is packed with info and teaching that will knock your socks off.

In other news, I have had quite a trip of late with my health. I spent 4 days in hospital, had every kind of test run on me, and everything checks out. That is good news. The other good news is that I have lost a fair amount of weight (30lbs), and Nancy is making sure I eat healthy and stay in shape. Sometimes we let go of ourselves and don't ever think there will be consequences later on, but trust me - the price will have to be paid. I have stopped drinking sodas and coffee and am drinking green tea, water, and fruit juices as well as changing my food intake to consist of more organic food stuffs. Tastes the same actually...and is far more healthier!

Enough rambling - it is Friday and the weekend is here - hope you all have a good one, take care out there and be blessed in all that you do!



Anonymous said...

Hi Vic & family ,

Thanks for this - I too have been very tardy lately ( the guilt factor hits me now & then )

Am bashing you a seperate e-mail to say hello.

Fondest wishes


Anonymous said...

Have asked a lot of my friends to read and go to the other sites that you include. There is so much of interest to us all. thank you so much for sharing.