Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I must share this with you

Sometimes strange things happen to our bodies without us knowing what is going on. With all the events that have been happening lately, I haven't felt too good, and it culminated in me having to see my doctor on Tuesday. Let me back up a little here and you will begin to see where this is going...I have not gone into deep detail as that is not necessary.

Friday after work on the way home with Nancy and Tammy I suddenly felt as if I experienced an electrical shock through my brain. It was a dreadfully weird feeling, to the extent that I was out of commission for 4hrs eventually falling asleep at home. I had a relatively quiet and relaxing weekend after that experience until Monday. On the way home in the car the same feeling occurred - this time not as sever but bad enough for me to pull the car up in traffic and ask Nancy to carry on driving.

At the Doctor, he asked what I experienced and what I felt, and was uncomfortable with my description of the events of Friday and Monday, so he got the Nurse to check my blood/sugar level for diabetes, that was clear. My blood pressure was high 148/96. Then he ordered an ECG and the results alarmed him significantly to the extent that he expressed concern that he felt I had actually experienced a Heart Attack. Looking over my ECG he notified me that to be safe he felt it best that I be rushed to Hospital and called an Ambulance. Nancy was told the exact same story that "I think your husband has suffered a Heart Attack, and it is necessary that he be taken to Hospital for validation and further tests..." Shame - Nancy couldn't believe what was going on, and was overwhelmed, she called the girls, Vicky came to the doctors office to be greeted by an Ambulance in the parking lot. The Paramedics hooked me on to oxygen, and a monitor and were talking me through everything they were doing, as well as asking me questions to establish my coherency (dates, time, city, year, date of birth etc.). On the way to the Hospital I couldn't quite believe or come to terms with what I had just been told, and even more difficult to believe I was being rush to Hospital for this sudden heart condition. Yes - I was gripped with fear, because nothing was making any sense. How could this be, I kept asking myself.

At the Hospital, I was wheeled in and immediately had people milling around me, hooking me up to a monitor, and then another ECG was performed, and blood samples taken, as well as a chest xray. A short while later Nancy, the girls and their friends (Sam & Shannon) arrived and of course seeing them all, I was relieved but also didn't want them seeing me in such a state. Jerry also came by on her way home from the Ministry Center and I was blessed that she was there and prayed. A short while passed and the Doctor came back bearing good news. My blood is clear of heart issues, my xrays indicate a healthy heart and clear lungs! The best news I had ever heard! Of concern was the blood pressure, and lightheaded experience . However, after sharing a little while with the Doctor he summized that the onset of the events over the last 5 days is a culmination of stress.

Amazing that no matter how much faith you can have, no matter what your belief values are, no matter how calm you think you might be...stress can kreep in, and the body has a mechanism that will kick in when the load is great, and remind you that you are reaching your threshold.

I thank the Lord for His grace and Mercy and for being with my family through a difficult time such as this.

In addition to what was a scare - I do want to share a huge blessing. Today when we arrived home from work at the front door was the largest fruit & vegetable basket I have ever seen in my life, along with two wonderful books for me to read on health. I do not know who blessed us with this basket, but I know one thing for sure in my heart, the Lord will bless abundantly the hands and hearts that have blessed us. may the Lord shine upon you and bless you always for your caring loving hearts!

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