Sunday, August 28, 2005

City Fair fun...

Today was the San Marcos Street Fair. The city blocks off a couple of streets once a year and local business gets a chance to peddle their goods and enhance their livelihood. From Mom & Pop goodies made at home in the garage to ordering cable TV this is the place to hook up some rather funky deals. It is a good time to barter for business and make great contacts. After Church we went along to support Tammy and her Boss. Great thing is we got to do the banners for him and the Doctor next to them.
Apart from the sweltering heat it was a great day out. Along one of the streets we came across a rock band that was playing songs from way back, and I took a moment to stop and listen to the local talent. They belted out some pretty jazzy songs, and I was impressed. Some people in the crowd were overwhelmed from memories from yesteryear and plucked up the courage to set aside all inabitions and dance along - what a sight! Who would have thought that a bunch of old guys can still bring good old fashioned music to the board for all to enjoy. I noticed even some of the kids in their hippy outfits were standing in the crowd tapping their feet...ha!
Next to the music stand we came across a row of classic cars, well talk about men and their toys! The beauty is that if you can get your hands on an old scrap heap, you can buy original custom parts and restore your junkyard aquisition back to a classic collectors item. The love and passion and dedication that classic vehicle restorers display is just mindblowing. Here is a beauty completely restored with matching camping gear and flag - a prize winner.
Wafting through the air was the pugnant aroma of beef broiling on coal. Following the scent and crowd we came across an ox wagon BBQ (YES...BRAAI!!) with more beef on it than I thought possible. Nancy and I ordered a genuine ox wagon hunters steak sandwich. What a treat, succulent beef, with traditional baked beans, potato salad and bread rolls. Problem is after such a lekker lunch, all that was missing was a shady spot to take an afternoon nap. With temperatures reaching record highs, we managed to walk the entire street fair, and then crank the car airconditioner to maximum while we drove home. All in when a streetfair comes to town, the entertainment is great, and funfilled. What is even more interesting is everyone's favorite past time of people watching - come on we all do it.
Last but not least I had to post this picture of Tammy with her boss - Dr. Doche, his wife and Mariann. Please note my little bit of free advertising - the banners in the background are the handywork of Artistic Printing. Talk about diversifying - from business cards all the way through banners and signs, not forgetting website development...we can customize your image to suit your needs!
So you want to know what we did on Sunday this pretty much summarizes our day; Dropped Tammy at street fair to setup, went to Church, went to Fair, came home and cost for wonderful day of value packed entertainment > $6.00 for lunch...not a bad deal.


tamira Jubber said...

oh my gosh! It was soooo hot! Hopefully we will get some new patients through all that advertising!

Dad said...

Those steaks remind me of the lovely meat we used to get from Tilbar when we had family Braais, thanks for showing us that USA has also got beef, but I see it is really big could do with a piece now.