Tuesday, August 30, 2005

‘this is our tsunami’

NEW ORLEANS: Rescuers battled a humanitarian disaster on Tuesday after storm surges whipped up by Hurricane Katrina killed dozens and a canal breach sent a new deluge into already swamped New Orleans.

At least 80 people were feared dead along the coast of the southern state of Mississippi, where glitzy casinos, plush homes and shrimp fishing businesses lay in ruins, after a storm surge up to 30 feet high crashed ashore on Monday.

This is part of the news coming out of Mississippi tonight. This hurricane aptly named 'katrina' unleashed a storm that will go down on record in history as being one of the most costly natural disasters in American history - figures in the region of 25 billion dollars are speculated. The horrible thing is that people watched the news and those who headed the call to evacuate were able to out run the storm, some bravehearts bolted down and locked in only to pay the ultimate price. The pictures we are seeing on the news are somewhat similar to the devastation of the tsunami from December 2004.

I am watching the news with sadness because when a situation such as this becomes so wreckless toward anything in its' path there is nothing you can do, apart from watch from a distance and hope that people make it out alive. The sad thing is that New Oreleans is considered to be below sea level, and is often referred to as the bowl. So, what happens now...the Governor has indicated that it may take upto two years to rebuild the destruction, but he has stated that whatever will be replaced will be bigger, better and stronger than anything the State has ever had.

I can only pray that people from all over will come together and be unified in their resolve to rebuild what has been destroyed, and to head future warnings when these terrible storms develop into hurricanes that unleash turmoil as they make landfall. This isn't such a happy submission, for me, my heart goes out to the people that have been so terribly affected by hurricane Katrina, may the Lord give you strength and comfort you all during this difficult period.

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Dad said...

I share the feelings of Vic, and my prayers go out to the poor people and the breaking up of homes and families God be with each and everyone of them.