Saturday, November 12, 2005

Catastrophic Failure

Well, there I was preparing all my computer work for back because I wanted to format and rebuild my system to get it running sweet again. For those of you who understand the drag of a slow running machine, and the need to format and reload everything you will know exactly why I have headed this submission "Catastrophic Failure". I had just asked my brother Bill to send me some login information for an application, because I needed it to add to my backup being for commencing with a format. I put all the folders, files and applications to one corner of my screen, inserted a 4.7gig blank dvd in the burner and was about to safely save all my valuable information.

Tammy came into my office, and asked a couple of questions, I turned and chatted with her and answered her. A few moments later, I sat back in my chair, and started my system recovery process. Reaching 30% of the distance into the formatting process, I started scratching around on my desk for the dvd with all my back up work. Guess what - ? I hadn't burnt the dvd with my information, it was still sitting in my burner...

Yes this is where "catastrophic failure" takes on a new meaning. I had done the most ridiculous thing. I had started a system restore, which deletes every single thing on a computer, without making a backup. This is something a novice, a beginner, a green kid, an amatuer would do. After rebuilding many systems for friends back in Zimbabwe, and stressing the need and importance for good backups, I fell victim to my own advice and neglect thereof. Today I lost all my work files, all my web stuff, all my digital pictures, all my addresses out of outlook, the list is endless. Put it this way - I was putting 4.35gig of information onto a dvd as part of my backup. the rest I was going to upload to our ftp server and retrieve after completion. Let me explain how much information over 4gig is. Back in Zimbabwe, that volume of information would be enough to sit on the average zimbabwean office work computer more than 16 times - that would be 16 computers of information in Zimbabwe - all lost because of a simple distraction, and lack of focus to follow through on a command to perform a back up.

So, today the moral of the story is to always be careful, concentrate and follow through with a work application before you get up and walk away, be sure to finish what you start before you lose it all.

I guess this can be likened to a lesson in life. Always be focussed on the finer things in life. Pay attention to detail. Make the best of a situation because you don't know when you will lose it, or when it will be gone from you. This could be a friend, a loved one, a family member - always take extreme care with what you build in the lives of those around because at the click of a decision it can all be lost, and unrecoverable.

This is the lesson I learnt today, and sure I am mad as heck at my loss, but I have no one to blame but myself. It is a lesson I have learned to take this computer application of backing up information, to building solid relationships with those that I love and care for. My guess is this doesn't make much sense - but to me it does. To take care of my family, to look after what I put into their lives. Making sure it is good and proper, and long lasting not requiring fixing in the long run like my computer - sure that makes sense now!


Bill said...

hahaha, common error, most of us forget to backup those important file before we do drastic work on the pc, and we only realise it when its too late, but i guess we live and learn............

Dad said...

I agree with you, and I feel so strongley about what you have discovered through your error, in reality this situation does also apply to life itself, and the loved ones around you. But never give up as life is to short you must always stay focused in life and work.

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