Friday, October 28, 2005

My Perspective

So, we come to the end of this year's Formula One Motor Racing circus. Was it any good this year? No. Ferrari were caught napping - big time, and of all 18 races came first and second only once - the USA Grand Prix (only six Bridgestone runners) which was boycotted by all the Michellin clad runners due to a near fatal last corner shunt that saw Ralph Schumacher duplicating his 2004 crash that broke his back. Did I enjoy the season? No. My interest in Formula One is dwindling, unless Ferrari pull up their socks I predict a number of fans losing interest...

Paid our first mortgage today. Did it feel good parting with a mortgage payment instead of a rent check? Yes. Why? Well, do the maths, would you rather pay cheap rent and get no benefit come tax time, or pay a little more and enjoy the concessions?

Saturday is turn the clock back time once again. Another unecessary evil, but so be it. Some parts of the world gain an hour as they head into summer, and we lose an hour has we head into winter - I think that is how it works. The weather has already shown herself to be changing - it is a little cooler than usual, and the sun has now started going down a lot earlier. I know in Holland in winter time, the sun barely makes it up and it is already setting.

So Harriet Miers resigned yesterday from accepting her appointment to the supreme court. Why? Who cares. Am I politically engaged here? No. I did that in a distant place and where did it get me? Nowhere. Is it worth it - probably and probably not.

The Reserve Bank in Zimbabwe has made some changes to the foreign currency market trading points this week. For many months the bank rate of the US$ was pegged at the banks at a rate of z$25000,00 to us$1,00 - the blackmarket rate was pegged at approximately z$75000,00 but now the legal bank rate has been levelled at the banks on z$60000,00 - will this eleviate the crisis? No....don't kid yourself of course it will not!

Here are some amusing pictures I came across. I know exactly what you are thinking..."hey, I know someone who looks just like that!" Pretty sad that human nature immediately translates what we see with our eye to a person we know or have seen at some point in time. Ok, I admit it, they are UGLY...but cute in their own right. What has me puzzled is how does a wild crazy monkey have such a perfect haircut?

Life is pretty short, figure it out we are only here for a good three score and ten, and then its' game over. So, focussing on any one issue is not a worthwhile cause. The only focus should be to live exclusively for God in this life, and understand that we are sojourners...passing through. Is it any easy walk...? Not at all, it is a free gift of God, but will cost you everything. Counting the cost is where a lot of us get snagged. But as for me and my household we will serve the Lord.

Oh the other thing is that it is Friday night, weekend is here, time to relax - or so you think. The girls have gone to a college football game (almost as intense as a NFL game...) with their good friend who is here from University. After that they are catching a movie and just hanging out in good company (trust me - it is good company...). So as far as blog submissions go this entry is pretty disorganized, and can you see the worried look on my face?

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