Thursday, August 11, 2005

Where do we begin?

Who would have thought that we would one day be able to sit in front of a mass of perhaps 20 pounds of plastic and cables and create written messages for the world to see? No matter how ridiculous; this is a place where we can sit back after a hard day and e-pen in our thoughts, experiences, ups and downs and not even be bothered if it makes sense or not to the reader. I think it is a unique opportunity to vent, to share and to enquire all in one, and not feel under obligation or duress to be right or wrong, and have that exact same freedom - the ability to express.

So, welcome to the Jubber Journal. Take a moment to read the blog, and be bold step out and add to it your own thoughts, interpretations and impressions. Your stories can be of your own life, family life, work life or life in general.

To get this started, here is a really random thought if there ever was one; try and go back in your memory span, and figure out what your earliest childhood memory is. It could be a place, an event, something funny or even something sad...

1 comment:

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