Sunday, May 03, 2009

Iran & Zimbabwe

Sitting here today sipping my coffee before we head off to church, reading the news online, This headline popped right off the screen at me:

Iran, Zimbabwe to establish air links
Johannesburg - Iran has expressed its willingness to establish air links with Zimbabwe to improve accessibility between the two countries, the Herald reported on Friday. The newspaper cited Iranian ambassador to Zimbabwe Rasoul Momeni as saying that the creation of air links would greatly assist in rejuvenating Zimbabwe's flagging tourism sector. "The importance of establishing airline links between the two countries cannot be underestimated," he was quoted as saying. Currently, Air Zimbabwe flies to Dubai where it parks its aircraft for about 18 hours "yet Iran is only an hour away", the Herald said. Momeni underscored his government?s desire to assist in turning around the fortunes of Zimbabwe?s tourism industry. He told the newspaper that Iran was ready to "exchange experience and establish co-operation in the area of tourism and hospitality", adding that there would be a renewal of all tourism memorandum of understanding. Iran, he said, would not only offer funds to Zimbabwe but it would assist with the provision of experts in various fields of tourism. The envoy, however, emphasized the need for Zimbabwe's local tourism industry to offer quality service and reasonable rates.

Such an unlikely partnership don't you think? The question beckons ~ during a time where Zimbabwe is trying to get back on her feet what is Mugabe thinking, partnering with Iran, even if it is under the guise of boosting tourism? Tourism? Partnering with a known outspoken blatant terrorist will do Zimbabwe a huge injustice in her ability to garner support on the international platform.

What kind of tourism boost will this be? Come to Zimbabwe to see potholes, starvation and cholera epidemic running rampant. Visit Iran to see how nuclear weapons are made, where they store their plutonium and learn how to ride a camel...

And then we wonder why a government of national unity will not work?

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