Friday, January 30, 2009

Zimbabwe Unity Government

Some quarters around the globe will view this latest topic coming out of Zimbabwe as something magnificent and worthy of making headline news. MDC the political opposition party in Zimbabwe has signed a unity accord, allowing for the transition of total Mugabe regime leadership to be shared with their thorn in the flesh ~ Morgan Tsvangirai.

To a large extent this is a welcome shift of total control of power from Mugabe's zanu pf, however, a little too much a little too late, don't you think? In essence with Morgan Tsvangirai being sworn into office as the new Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, holds little to no credence in my personal opinion. I guess I will be challenged on this negative statement, and yet, I will stand my ground based on the cyclical evidence of a failed unity government in the 1980's shortly after Mugabe took to the helm of ruining Zimbabwe.

Here is my reasoning, and let me just say that this is my personal opinion, and in no way am I advocating racialism or malcontent for what is happening in Zimbabwe. Coming out of a history embedded in the life of four generations that saw many a change take place, I do believe I qualify in sharing my viewpoint, be it right or wrong, share it I will.

After Mugabe gained independence in 1980 and renamed Rhodesia - Zimbabwe, an underlying power struggle was brewing between zanu pf and zapu pf, the latter being lead and controlled by Joshua Nkomo, an Ndebele. For centuries the two affluent tribes comprising the Mashona and Ndebele were at odds with each other. To this day although there is tolerence there is little harmony and quiet diplomacy between the two factions. In 1987, a civil war errupted in Matabeleland, zanu pf 5th brigade (Chinese trained) warriors invaded Matabeleland north province and systematically killed an estimated 20 000 Zapu combatants. What followed was the absorption of zapu into zanu pf, resulting in the dissolving of the Ndebele faction as it became ingested by Mugabe and his cronies. Mugabe successfully eliminated the opposition without batting an eyelid for the blood that was shed.

What followed was a gradual process of elimination of any form of opposition. Mysterious illnesses, sudden car wrecks with fatalities, concrete swimming trunks, abandoned mine shafts used as a dumping ground for bodies ~ you name it, such was the demise of anyone who even as much as dared to question Mugabe and his antics. And so the rot began to set in. Africa's bread basket slowly began to fade away.

Today we see 94% unemployment, 80% of the total population rely on food aid (total of 7 million people), inflation is estimated at 11 million percent, cholera has killed 3200 innocent lives with more than 60 000 cases being treated; the list goes on and on....

So couple the catastrophe unfolding on a humanitarian basis, along with a complete breakdown in political management a hope for a brighter future is somewhat dimmed. Is there no more hope? Of course there is. But facing reality is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. A government of national unity could be the first of very many steps toward delivering healing in Zimbabwe. There is no overnight fix. Many years of rebuilding lay ahead for the people of Zimbabwe, as well as for those who will continue to partner with her in her road to self sustainability, recovery and ultimate true independence from the tyrant who has ruled with an iron fist, even likening himself to a modern day 'Hitler".

I think when one has experienced first hand some of the atrocities that have plagued Zimbabwe, it is extremely difficult reconciling the fact that MDC and/or others will ever take charge at the helm of this definite titanic. Will the world come to her aid in her hour of need? Sadly I am of the opinion Zimbabwe's hour of need has lapsed without much acknowledgment from either the OAU, the UN the EU and all western powers. There has been much a do about nothing with no world leader truly stepping up the anti against Mugabe for fear of being politically incorrect. And so the madness continues, shrowded in the misconception that a government of national unity will solve her problems.

Of course we ought to be optimistic, and as we approach February 26, Mugabe will turn 85, February 6th will see Morgan Tsvangirai sworn in as Prime Minister, two days later Ministers will be sworn in, of which the majority by one seat will be held by MDC. So legislation can change, national debts might be forgiven, food aid can be stepped up, medical infrastructure can be repaired, and the economy can begin to recover. Positives? Yes! Possible recovery? Yes!

Taken from a reliable source "Tsvangirai is going to attract rich nations like the United States of America and Britain to help rebuild our country," said Sithole. That is the hope. Once again, Zimbabweans must await the reality. "

So, hope is ultimately in the Lord, but Zimbabwe will turn to the West for help through her newly elected Prime Minister - Morgan Tsvangirai, and this time I truly hope and pray the cries of the people on the ground that have endured this megalomaniac despotic leadership, will be heard and that help will not be afar off...for the sake of the people that have endured untold suffering I pray this madness will end, and relief will come...

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