Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gruesome Torture in Zimbabwe

You know there are times when I just lower my head in pain and disgust at the government of Zimbabwe. The very people that Mugabe liberated in 1980 are the very people he is now systematically and brutally torturing, maiming and murdering. As much as I don't want to post these graphic pictures I find myself stuck in the dilemma of "should I: shouldn't I" My mind is saying no, but heart is pounding a resounding yes!

The world needs to see what a barbaric dictator by the name of Robert Mugabe is capable of doing, at the hands of his paid henchmen and spineless military junta. It saddens me immensely, and my heart is broken to see both young and old, male and female and more specifically children being tortured into voting for a government that has raped and plundered the nation of Zimbabwe. Please be advised these pictures below are real, they are graphic, they are the images of a people experiencing the breaking of their spirit while the world sits in their ivory towers and winks and nods at these deplorable acts of terror. White collar crime is being perpetrated in the most abysmal form, and getting away with it yet again.

I wonder...what will it take to remove this mad man from power along with his generals and commanders and chiefs? Why won't just one nation rise and step in and remove these despots with utmost urgency? They did it in Rwanda, they did it in Sierre Leon, they did it in Kenya, They did it in Sudan...why the distancing from relief in Zimbabwe?

What kind of legacy is being left for the nation of Zimbabwe and her children? And at what cost is this legacy being bestowed upon these beautiful innocent stars that are trying to shine bright in a seriously depraved situation...come on people...we have got to do something! Just view these graphic images and then ask yourself how you would cope if these were your children, your family, your brother, your father...suddenly reality takes on a new meaning...or so I hope...

Again, I ask...would you sacrifice a few minutes each day to cry to the Lord for these souls, they be healed physically emotionally and spiritually, they be strengthened and the madness stops and those guilty of such actions be brought to book in a court of law, preferably the Hague for war crimes, terrorism and gross human rights violations.
Just for the record, Robert Mugabe was in attendance at the Rome Food Summit last week. My question is why was he not arrested on foreign soil for the above violations? Wrong seems to be right, and right is pronounced wrong. Oh because it was a UN sanctioned gathering, thereby offering this megalomaniac immunity...WICKED!

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