Monday, March 17, 2008

...and so the clock ticks

Unbelievable to think that an entire month has gone by, and although I check the Journal, I haven't had a moment to update it...

Here we are three months into 2008, and already time to sit down and reflect and make certain this year started the way we thought it would. Well, has it? For some yes it has, for others definitely not.

A brother in the Church here experienced grief a couple of weeks ago. His brother was shopping in a local grocery store, collapsed and died due to massive heart attack. Hearing that certainly puts life and the end thereof into sharp perspective doesn't it? My immediate thought was "I wonder what happened, and why in a store of all places?". The next thought I had was a little more reflective on how fragile life is, "Where in eternity is he now?".

Many people take life for granted. Waking in the morning, going through the day setting and achieving goals. Doing the things that ultimately make us happy. Since I became ill in June 2007, I have developed an appreciation for the fragility of life. Not only that, but a respect for those who suffer various ailments beyond their control. Until something affects you personally it is literally impossible to appreciate someone else's predicament.

I had my first check up last week with the Specialist who performed both catheter ablations. He showed me on a model what he did, and explained that larger catheters were used because the focal point where the problem was located was surrounded by a fatty tissue layer, making access difficult with regular catheters. For safety reasons he had me wear a 24hr holter monitor device which is basically a mini-ekg unit recording every single beat the heart makes during a consecutive 24 hour period. The results take between four and seven days to decode.

This week marks a couple of very special moments in my life, one being easter...

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