Friday, March 16, 2007

MDC - the awakening has begun...

I like to think that I am by virtue still a Zimbabwean, and therefore inclined to support events that take place locally, industrially, commercially and foremost politically on home soil. Any news search online this week will no doubt list the events taking place in Zimbabwe at the moment. In as much that last weekend the MDC called for a prayer meeting, and subsequently what took place in general consensus is the beginning of the end for the powers that be. The 'police' attacked MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, shot and killed an MDC activist and imprisoned and brutalized countless unarmed supporters of the MDC. I came across this youtube link ATTACK ON MDC and encourage you to open the link and hear and see first hand what took place last weekend.

I have often wondered when the MDC would spring into action, but now I can see that the only real way that true democracy will be re-established in Zimbabwe is when the people themselves reach their threshold, when the people collectively come together and say 'enough is enough' and force~change the situation. Will the government kill everyone? Surely not! Unite, come together Zimbabweans, usher in the new beginning...the power for true change is in the power of the people, rise up and take back your nation. Then let the MDC and others bring back sovereignty in it's honorable form back to Africa's once famed breadbasket.

Of interest is the manner in which the government is responding to international outcries - this is the beginning of the end, the final unraveling of a despot and his henchmen.

Our heart, thoughts and prayers are with you all - you are not alone!!


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Now would be a good time for a western nation to come to the table and respond to the threat being presented - help the people of Zimbabwe, time for change is now!!