Sunday, December 31, 2006

3...2...1...Happy 2007!!

Ok this is really weird, from Australia to Holland across to the UK, down south to Zimbabwe and across the wide oceans and far away, 2006 passed many hours ago, and yet here in California we still have two glorious hours remaining before we usher in 2007. Our prayer for everyone we know and love is that 2007 will be a turning point and that blessings will be your portion throughout the next 364 days! Look out over the next few days for a nice little update on the newest addition to the Jubber Family in Holland...


Debbie said...

Hey The Jubbers
In New Zealand we have just finished New Years in NZ and you are only beginning - I also pray the same for you this year, that its filled with love, joy, God Grace and happiness. We must continue to stay in touch......miss you guys and will mail soon.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic thanks for the New Years Message. Lets hope this year will be better.
Love Karin