Sunday, August 13, 2006

Go Padres!

Having a small shop can definately be a challenge. However, along with challenges come good breaks - and last weekend was such a break! We run Digital equipment through Xerox. Let me start out by saying in this industry and in terms of digital technology in the small shop arena Xerox have come to the table every time with fantastic solutions and great product support. Ok, that is actually for another post in time to come, the focus of this post is the events of last weekend.

We have built a really good relationship with Xerox and as it happens they came by the shop a few weeks ago, and asked if we would like to go along to the ball game - baseball that is! Well, what do we know about baseball? Nothing... Mention cricket and I will tell you that a One day game is packed with action from start to end, a 5 day test series is a political mindset that requires strategy and game plan to win. But baseball...still gotta learn the nature of the game and how it all comes together at the ball park.

Saturday was a really neat day to go to the game because the heatwave had backed off, and the Washington Nationals were in town to take on our home team the San Diego Padres. Saturday was also a special event as San Diego hosted the "best fireworks" city display. So we drove down town which was fun with the traffic and multitude of people. After parking in a lot, we took a vote and decided to grab a bite to eat before the game in the gaslamp quarter. The atmosphere downtown is unique. People fill the walkways, bars and restaurants, and there seems to be a constant air of excitement which makes for a pleasant experience if you love the hustle and bustle of people.

Entering Petco Park was an awesome experience, talk about a brand new stadium built for the perfect baseball game - that has to be Petco Park! The atmosphere was filled with excitement and we had a really great time. Guess which team we support...ahh - Go Padres!


Vumba said...

Nice pics , Vic............

Vic said...

Hi Boet,
Thanks, I did a few more, but didn't want to overkill. We are going to a midweek game on Wednesday thanks to our friends courtesy the machines we run.