Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring Time

So, here is the deal. Spring began here on Monday this week at 10:30am - what has somewhat amazed me is the fact that people can now pinpoint the start of a season right down to the hour and day it is due to begin. What is even more striking is the almost incredible turn around in the weather. Literally overnight the temperature has changed and feels a little like summer already. Yes sure that is early days, but the good thing is the cold is finally behind us.

What I do at the end of every day when the sun has fallen below the horizon, I go out and fill the bird feeder with food for the birds as they make their breakfast stop by us. Well, this morning I didn't hear our little friends, and so I peeped out the window to see the neighbors' cat sitting directly under the feeder flicking it's tail in a real frenzied way. I watched this very same cat a couple of weeks ago pull a bird of the fence as mentioned in a previous post. What strikes me is that even a common household cat has an inbuilt predator mechanism that will never change. What is that saying " you can take a monkey out the bush, but you can't take the bush out the monkey..." I guess it is true. I opened the bedroom window, and tried a civil approach, and spoke to the cat - it turned its' head and looked up at me and seemed to be listening. "Please leave my yard, and the brids that come here alone, go away..." I said. Well ,it didn't move. So, I changed the tone in my voice, and yelled "scram...get out of here" - it took one look at me, and bolted over the fence into its' safe haven, looked back over at me, and calmly walked away.

Could it be that animals are becoming more and more domesticated than we think? Why would a cat want to catch and kill a bird when it feasts on 'eats' that are almost so delicious that humans could if need be eat them too? I know this is such a random post but it amazes me nonetheless...

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