Saturday, February 25, 2006

POST 40...

This marks Post # 40...
Woo's the weekend! Ever had a week that never seems to be ending? This past week was mega long for some weird reason. I worked a couple of nights at the office and remember the hours were similar to what I used to do at Victory Printers in Zims.

All across the States it is winter and snowing and real cold, yet here in Southern California the skies are crispy blue, the sun is shining, and yes it is still chilly at night but the days are magnificent. We have noticed in the garden some winter bulbs have begun flowering and they are really a sight to behold, later on I think I will hook up the ccamera and post some nature pics. Just saw a real bad cat do a dirty deed. I had just filled the bird feeder while making my first cup of coffee, and like clock work the doves, and finches arrive for breakfast, well a little red finch was sitting on the fence obviously debating breakfast, and out of nowhere the neighbors' cat pulled the bird off the fence and killed it...Made me think of how we "sit on the fence" in some of our own life situations. I guess the moral of the story is be in or out, don't opt to sit on the fence the end results are bleak.

I see in the news that Mozambique had a tremor measuring over 7 on the $%$#@scale. Shook parts of Zimbabwe's eastern highlands, and was felt as far down as Bulawayo. Pretty weird for that part of the world to have such a tremor.

Hope you all have a lekker weekend to all my friends in Aussie, NZ, UK, Holland, SA & last but not least...Zims, keep in touch and take care out there.

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