Sunday, January 29, 2006


As usual I have slacked off on my updates. Pretty crazy start to the year has taken me away from being mindful to create new submissions. Well, let me back up the story a little to give you some insight...

The week of December 19th Dad was scheduled for a regular check up with the family Doctor. So, Bill took him and the doctor was not too happy with what he saw, and had Dad put in Hospital that same day for tests. Dad has been feeling very tired constantly, lost his appetite, and had a bad chest, so they did a Biopsy and had it cultured. The results were not what we were hoping for - turns out Dad has lung cancer, and through excellent research by Bill, we have been able to gain more insight and it isn't as simple as everyone thinks. Dad was presented with this news and given two options: no treatment and have a couple of months, or go for Chemotherapy and extend the time frame. Well, of course Dad opted for the treatment and has already started it. I know this sounds rather candid, but Dad would like me to share and be open, because he knows the seriousness of what is going on.

Over the last number of months, Dad has made a concerted effort to turn to the Lord and has developed a lovely walk with his Savior - Jesus Christ. He found a fellowship in Barneveld, has been attending regular meetings, and even connected with some lovely brothers and sisters in the Church. They now visit with him, and share and pray and this is a wonderful testimony. On the other hand, Bill and Linda have worked round the clock to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly, and that Dad continues to receive the best treatment and care possible. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family both in the Church and out, and wouldn't have life any other way!

I think knowing what happens to us through this life is such a big confrontation - I have found myself asking questions about it, and trying to figure in my mind what it is all about. My answers are far from the deep theological type of bantering, rather I think of it in a few simple terms. We were created, given a purpose to this life, and are journeying through to our final destination. The way we walk life out here, determines pretty much where we will finally end up in the hereafter. I know for a fact, that our purpose through being created by God - was for God! He predestined us to walk through this life serving Him, and ultimately to spend eternity in His presence worshipping Him. Sounds pretty easy but it isn't. There are many ups and downs, but through it all if we can see His mercy and grace and understand that He loved us first, and chose each of us for His good purpose then the complications in life become easier to deal with.

I often wonder why bad things happen in life, but the more I focus on the "why" the less I see the "because". Sometimes we don't really understand what it is all about, and that is ok, because I don't think we need to know every answer to every question. What I do know is that I need to try and live my life in such a way that I bring glory to God. Do I fail? YES. Do I give up? NO. It is part of the journey to keep focussed on the big picture and continue to walk that narrow path that leads to life.

I am pretty much phillosophying here, but just felt I wanted to share how I am feeling about all of what is going on this year. Some of it has been good, and some of it has been bad, but that is how it is. It's not the situation that matters really, it is how we deal with it when we are confronted by it. One thing I know for sure, God promised in His word, that we ought to " Him, because hope - does not dissappoint..."

So, would you consider your destiny today? We need to know for sure where we are headed in the future...some questions cut real deep, but we need that from time to time. Thanks for reading this post...

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