Sunday, December 25, 2005

Belated Christmas wishes

Greetings all,

As promised slightly later than anticipated, here is our short family Christmas greeting to you all. I think that if none of our videos and audio files are playing you might consider downloading the new version of Windows Media Player from the official Windows site. But fot the rest of you folks who are upto date on the software side of things CLICK HERE for the Jubber family Christmas wish.


Vumba said...

And a merry christmas and happy and fruitfull 2006 to all of you as well,
Chow for now,

Dad Says said...

It was very7 good to see your family on the box, I just have to get used to theway that they speak noe , but thanks for the wish and hope you had a fine day aswell.

Catriena said...

My name is Catriena van Iwaarden/van der Veen. I was born in FortVictoria in Zimbabwe. I live in Holland since 1988. I know your father. We go tot he same church. Wonderful to meet another zimbo in this part of the world. My folks and 2 sisters still live in Harare. Keep up the good work and have a blessed 2006.
Greetings from Catriena

kamatol said...

It was wonderful to see you all in the flesh and hear you all as well. Hope you had a good Christmas and well lets just hope 2006 is a better year for us all.