Thursday, December 15, 2005

Audio Sampler

I have decided to go to the next level with this setup...

Here is a link that will open and play a small video with audio - if it works out well, I will be posting to my blog with stuff that you can see and hear from us all the way over here...

Honestly this time your comments are appreciated...



kamatol said...

Gee Vic it was great seeing you and yes it worked here in Australia. This is fantastic and boy you look so young and fresh. This is a fantastic idea for sure and hopefully one day we can all send these types of messages to one another. You take care and well all I can say is WELL DONE VIC AND BILL.
Love Karin

Anonymous said...

Hey Vic,

How come you dont age!!!!!! Whats the secret, you could make lots of money selling the secret.

It was great to hear and see you. Really enjoyed it. Keep it up.

Will email soon.

Ken Ang Ryan & Dot

Anonymous said...

hmmm.....i wonder who did the zoom on your teeth?
Could it perhaps be your brilliant, intelligent, gorgeous daughter who happens to have an amazing job with amazing benefits...and hooked it up for you!!
ahaha...dont cha wish your teeth were as white as mine....
well, i actually didnt see the audio but yeah, good job dad. Im sure it was great!
flauccinacciphilipinification. Thats all folks!
love the one and only
Tamira the great

Dad says said...

I have seen your audio and I just cant beleive what I was looking at, and I want to let you know that I read the blog everyday without fail, it is just all this new type of message now is something this old timer has got to learn about, but what ever you doing keep it up I will try and follow instructions where possible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic
I finally got the clip, its really great. Hope to get lots more and with Nancy and the girls on.