Saturday, October 01, 2005

40 Days of Community

The Father's House is a wonderful part of God's family where we fellowship. We came to know of this Church through doorhangers - can you believe it! What is a doorhanger? It is an effective advertising tool that you might be more familiar seeing in a Hotel on the door saying "Do Not Disturb". Well, if you have a need to get a message out then you go ahead and design a fancy doorhanger and go door to door in your neighborhood and place your doorhanger on the door and hopefully attract an audience to your special. The Father's House ran a campaign of doorhangers in February and something caught our attention about this Church and so we decided to go along and see if this would be a Church we could call home. Indeed, from the moment we arrived we felt the love - genuine love and week by week the desire to stay and grow became stronger. Finding a good place to worship the Lord and to plug your life in and get on with what God has called you to do is sometimes a difficult mission, but what makes the seeking easy is when the foundation is strong and the hearts of fellow brothers and sisters are filled with the love of the Lord.

Now, eight months later, as a family we have put down roots, built our tent so to speak and are connected with our extended family in the Lord. Nancy and I are involved in the "House Cafe" which is a coffee tent that is set up every Sunday, offering Krispy Cream donuts, Coffee, Tea and Bottled water. We have a truly fabulous team that we work together with, and it is amazing how you can really get to know a person over a cup of coffee. Tammy and Vicky are involved in the "Kid Builders" Ministry where they too are growing and helping others to grow in their walk with the Lord.

So, what is 40 Days of Community? It is the coming together of the Church in your area, in small groups where we get together to pray, to go through some teaching material and to look outward into your immediate community to see where you as a Church can connect with people. This is not a Bible bashing scenario, it simply means going into the community to be a part of it by means of doing a project and sharing the love of the Lord. The City has a project that they work on every once in a while, and this year the City is selecting a home that is in a state of disrepair. It needs yard work, painting, clearing and cleaning up. So, together with the City we have opted to engage in this community project. It is all a part of taking what we carry in our hearts out to those who just need to be loved, who need to be cared for, and who need to see that Christians are normal - oh we are???

A couple of weeks ago we had the kick off service for the start off the 40 Days of Community, and I had my camera with me so decided to take a few pics, which I have attached to this blog because I want to share them with you.

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