Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Trivia

And here we are at the end of another weekend. Today was a great day. Went to Church this morning and had a wonderful time. Mizrack came for lunch - she arrived last week, and will be going to Bible College. It was great having her over, and hearing how life is back in Zimbabwe. We had a great lunch, a salmon fillet on the BBQ - to which Mizzy was shocked when she heard us say BBQ and not BRAAI. Well, when in Rome...haha!

Monday is a busy day. Tammy goes to Temecula which is a city 40 miles up the road toward Los Angeles, and after dropping her off, its a mad dash back to the office to do some work. Then at lunch time Vicky and I are driving down town San Diego to the Airport to pick up Lindy Timm, she is visiting with us this week. Nancy will hold the fort at the shop until we get back from the Airport. Let me tell you that heading on close to three years since our arrival, to hear the good old familiar accent from home is really refreshing.

Here is a little bit of trivia. Our office complex has 5 really good restaurant and fast food joints attached. There is a homeless guy who wonders through the complex every day, whistling joyfully as if there are no cares in the world to choke him. Whether it is hot or chilly, busy or empty he still canvasses the complex using the store front windows as his mirror to check on his hair, and his general atire. Every day without fail, like Rolex clock work, he walks past our office at lunchtime, carrying a fresh hot lunch that he faithfully is blessed with from these eating places. There is a lovely oriental restaurant, Nancy and I when we have a treat in store will have lunch from there, and that will run in the $20 mark. Here this guy without a seeming care in the world gets a good $100 a week free take away to eat, while we have to generate income to afford a treat - that is some real trivia, but thought it worthy of sharing. Strange how the world ticks, and even stranger how people we all generally look down on still manage to whistle a joyful tune, and walk away with a full stomach...amazing when you really think about it - bum or wise man? You decide...

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Dad said...

I think that your walking traveller is very blessed, to be able to get a meal and something to drink he is very wise. What is the saying God looks after those whose help themselves.